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How to promote photovoltaics on Google?

Photovoltaics is currently one of the most growing industries in the Polish economy. In the report “Photovoltaic Market in Poland 2022” The Renewable Energy Institute reports that 2021 ended with spectacular success for the photovoltaic industry. As always, such a situation is an opportunity for many companies to emerge and find their place in the market. Read how to attract customers in the photovoltaic industry, using the potential of all possible channels – search engine and Google Ads campaigns, social media, Google My Business card.

Advertising photovoltaics on the Internet – how to get started?

The huge interest in photovoltaics is driving the industry. There are many established players, but there are also constantly new companies trying to make a name for themselves. And that’s where the main challenges come from – especially advertising. Promotion on the Internet is essential in this case, because it is the fastest way to become known, develop a reputation as an expert and attract new customers. However, in such a competitive market, a good strategy is necessary to achieve the goals and fit within the budget. Based on the experience of more than a dozen campaigns carried out for photovoltaic companies (from all over the country and with different scope of operation), I recommend Google Ads campaigns as the fastest and most effective. However, this is definitely not all. It is also worth taking care of other opportunities to reach customers and build brand awareness. The most benefits, including profits, come from activities in all possible marketing channels. The following are the most effective areas for action.

Promotion of photovoltaic company on the Web – 6 areas of action:

  1. Google Ads

Competing on advertising budgets, with giants such as industry forerunner Columbus Energy or very popular brands – such as Ikea with its partner E.ON and SOLSTRÅLE panels or Esoleo from the Polsat Group – would be a battle with windmills. Do you want advertising that is effective but tailor-made for your business and budget? In Google Ads, you will set up a reasonable budget and choose activities that will bring the fastest results.

  1. Positioning

Surely you already know that a Google Ads campaign will give you instant access to customers. Positioning, on the other hand, brings results a little later, as it takes time to develop top search engine positions. However, their achievement pays off in the long term, resulting in continued visibility to potential customers and strengthening the image of an important player in the industry. Positioning a photovoltaic company makes sense and is cost-effective. However, it is worth sticking to the following tips.

With both Google Ads campaigns and SEO, it is the choice of phrases that will be key. The ambition of many companies is to achieve visibility for the most generic phrases like “photovoltaic,” “renewable energy” or “oze.” However, you need to know that – using Google ads as an example – clicks on them are very expensive, and they themselves have little sales. Fighting with recognizable companies will consume huge budgets and not necessarily produce sales results. The best way to get customers quickly is to target phrases that people looking for a vendor and installation contractor may type into Google:

– In a particular city, that is, in a particular location, such as. “photovoltaics Bydgoszcz”, “photovoltaics Lublin”, “photovoltaics kujawsko-pomorskie”. You increase your chances of getting orders in your region, in addition to gaining local recognition;

– through more precise terms, such as “5 kw photovoltaic installation”, “10 kw photovoltaic installation”, “10 kw photovoltaic installation price with installation”. They characterize customers already versed in the subject, perhaps looking for quotes that compete with those they already have.

  1. Good website

It is necessary, because only a good site can be effectively positioned. But more importantly, the website must be user-friendly and thematically comprehensive. Only then will Internet users who already hit the site want to get in touch and use your services specifically.

  1. Content and blog

This point is related to the previous one, as it is about the substantive content of your website, the texts on it should be unique and valuable to users. Only such attract attention, inspire confidence and convince people to take up the offer. A mandatory point is to maintain a blog with news from the industry, company life, realizations.

  1. Social media

This is another place to not only showcase the expert face of your business, but also build a community. A community that, when properly run through these channels, will drive new customer acquisition – by referral. You have a wide choice of places to be active: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok. Decide where you fit best or be everywhere!

  1. Google My Business Card

If you care about customers and realizations in your region – promotion with Google My Company business card is an absolute must. You will not only gain visibility in the search engine, but you will solidify yourself in the minds of Internet users as an important activist in the industry in the region. This is all thanks to a little bit of dedication to the quality of photos, collecting feedback from customers or, finally, optimizing the business card itself.

How to advertise photovoltaics on the Internet?

Best with an idea and a good way! I recommend avoiding generic and informative keyword phrases, as they are a waste of time and money – unless you are a huge brand with a marketing budget of several hundred thousand. With the right strategy and a well-optimized campaign, even in a challenging industry like photovoltaics, you will achieve your company’s business goals. Feel free to contact me if you need support in this area. I advise effectively because I have extensive experience, including. In successful Google Ads campaigns for photovoltaics.

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