By Zieliński Jerzy

How to design Google Ads banners?

Banner ads are an integral part of today’s marketing campaigns because they attract attention and increase the effectiveness of ads. Wondering how to create good Google Ads banners? Contact me! I am a Google Ads specialist and work with graphic designers, so I will help you sell more effectively!

1. the Google Display Network

Google Display Network
(GDN) covers an extensive range of partner sites, from blogs to large portals such as YouTube and Gmail. This is the place where banners have a chance to reach a huge number of potential customers. The advertiser gains access to a diverse audience, and the partner sites generate profits from providing advertising space. It is crucial to understand the role of banners in this context and adapt them to the very high competition.

2. graphic elements: packshots and inspirations

Banner advertising designs naturally need to include appropriate graphics. The basis is the so-called. packshots, which are graphics depicting a product using static or moving images. Perspective, lighting and background are crucial. A well-made product photo attracts attention and affects the perception of the offer.

It’s also worth reaching for other graphics, as inspiring photos that illustrate the context of the offer increase the banner’s appeal. Realistic scenes related to the product evoke emotions and can make the consumer feel the need to purchase a particular item.

google ads banners

3. brand logo and building recognition

Introducing a brand logo on a banner is a step toward building recognition. The logo should be harmoniously integrated into the composition and not dominate, but be memorable to the user. The next time a customer sees your ad, it’s possible they will already recognize the brand.

4. call to action (CTA), or how to increase CTR

, or call to action, is the decisive element influencing whether a user clicks the banner. The CTA text should be short, simple and unambiguous so that the user knows exactly what to do. Optimal placement of CTAs, often on a background of a different color, makes them stand out on the banner.

5. the most common mistakes in online banner ads

Many people wonder how to make a banner ad and learn by trial and error. Unfortunately, this results in frequent shortcomings that reflect on the results of the campaign. An advertising agency can help you: the banners will then be designed and made by an experienced graphic designer, thus avoiding such mistakes as:

  1. Content overload: avoid overly elaborate content on the banner. Focus on the most important information that will induce a click. Empty space (whitespace) can also paradoxically be a valuable design element.
  2. Consistency with visual identity: consistency in the use of brand colors and logos builds consistency. Avoid radical changes that can disrupt recognition.
  3. Avoid clickbait: the content of the banner should be consistent with the actual offer. Avoid clickbait ploys that can damage your brand’s reputation.

The role of algorithms in banner display

Banner display decisions are increasingly being handed over to self-learning algorithms. Algorithms analyze the data, predicting where and when advertising will be most effective. However, the advertiser influences the algorithm by targeting audience groups.

Advertising banners can be very effective, but that doesn’t mean that making them is trivial. If you want to increase sales and not burn through your budget, it makes sense to enlist the help of a graphic designer – call or write for more information!

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