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How to advertise an aesthetic medicine clinic on the Internet?

In the aesthetic medicine industry, online marketing plays a key role in attracting patients and building reputation. It is important to use appropriate strategies that take into account the unique aspects of this industry, such as patient data protection, education, trust and precise targeting. Finding the right balance between medical ethics and effective marketing efforts is crucial to the success of an aesthetic medicine clinic. Advertising the aesthetic medicine industry on the Internet is subject to certain restrictions and regulations that are designed to protect consumers and ensure the proper functioning of the market. So – how to advertise an aesthetic medicine clinic on the Internet to make it effective and profitable? Believe, you have plenty of opportunities all the time! Read about them in this article.

How to advertise an aesthetic medicine clinic in 2023?

The aesthetic medicine industry is in a unique position. On January 1, 2023, an amendment to the law on the promotion of medical devices used in aesthetic medicine went into effect. The new regulations ban the advertising of such products on social media, the Internet and traditional media. This means that advertisements for laser or hyaluronic acid-based treatments will not be allowed. It is also important to note that the ban also applies to influencers who advertise medical devices. After the amendment goes into effect, specialized equipment that can only be used by doctors, such as hyaluronic acid, will not be allowed to be advertised to the public. The new regulations have a huge impact on the marketing efforts of clinics and aesthetic medicine practices. Despite strict regulations, however, there are alternative ways to promote these services – legally compliant and effective.

Marketing activities for the aesthetic medicine industry

Advertising in the aesthetic medicine industry is a key factor in attracting new patients and building brand awareness. Here are some effective strategies you can use:

Attractive website

A well-designed website is extremely important for an aesthetic medicine clinic. Make sure the site is responsive and easy to navigate. Include information about the services offered at the clinic, medical teams, and descriptions and photos of the effects of treatments. Also make sure your website is optimized for search engines so potential patients can easily find it.

example of aesthetic medicine clinic website

Social media

A social media presence can help you reach a larger group of potential patients. Create profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Publish valuable content related to aesthetic medicine on a regular basis, provide advice and share inspiring photos and videos. You can also use paid advertising to reach even more people and increase brand awareness.

Content marketing

Create valuable content related to aesthetic medicine. You can write articles for the clinic’s blog, provide video advice or host podcasts. Publish content on the latest trends, popular treatments, answers to patients’ most common questions, etc. This will show your knowledge and commitment to aesthetic medicine.

Patient feedback and recommendations

Patient satisfaction and recommendations are of great importance in the aesthetic medicine industry. Encourage your patients to leave feedback on your website, social media or industry platforms. Manage feedback well, respond to it, both positive and negative. Respond to patients’ questions and comments, show that you care about their satisfaction and experience. Positive reviews will act as recommendations for potential patients and build trust in your clinic.

Discounts and loyalty programs

Create a loyalty program for patients by offering discounts on future treatments or products. This will help build long-term relationships with patients and encourage them to return to your clinic.

Participation in industry events

Attend conferences, trade shows or industry meetings related to aesthetic medicine. You will be able to share your knowledge, gain an expert reputation and network with other professionals.

Monitoring and analysis of results

Regularly monitor and analyze the results of your promotional activities. Establish indicators of success, such as the number of new patients, conversion rate or patient satisfaction ratings. Adjust your strategies based on the collected data to achieve better results.

Google Ads campaigns for aesthetic medicine

Use Paid Ads: You can use paid ads such as Google Ads or ads on social media platforms to reach a wide range of people interested in aesthetic medicine. Set up advertising campaigns, taking into account relevant keywords and target groups. Test different forms of advertising, such as text, image or video, to identify the most effective for your clinic.

Google Ads campaigns can be an effective promotional tool for aesthetic medicine practices. Here are some important factors to consider when setting up Google Ads campaigns in this industry:

  1. Precise keywords: Conduct keyword research to identify popular searches related to aesthetic medicine. Search phrases such as “wrinkle removal” or “laser hair removal” can be effective keywords. Try to choose keywords that are highly relevant and cover the services you offer.
  2. Local targeting: The aesthetic medicine industry is often local, so it makes sense to focus on local targeting in Google Ads campaigns. Select the appropriate geographic settings to reach potential patients in your area.
  3. Customized ads: Create ads that are consistent with the services you offer and meet the needs of potential patients. Focus on the unique features and benefits of your aesthetic medicine practice. It is also worth including information about current promotions, special offers or security of procedures.
  4. Ad extensions: Use a variety of
    ad extensions
    , such as direct links to specific pages of your website (e.g., “Make an appointment”), location information or reviews. Ad extensions can increase the appeal of your ads and provide additional information to potential patients.
  5. Monitoring and optimization: regularly monitor the performance of your Google Ads campaigns to identify weaknesses and adjust your strategy. Analyze metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC) or conversion rate. Based on this data, make campaign optimizations to achieve better results.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Be sure to comply with regulations related to advertising in the aesthetic medicine industry. Make sure your ads meet the requirements for the information that can be provided and the use of patient images.


Advertising an aesthetic medicine clinic is an ongoing process that requires adjusting strategies and activities to meet the changing needs of patients. Be proactive, engage in relationship building. A website is the perfect tool for making a good first impression Take care of it and show it to as many potential patients as possible.

However, if you do not want to do it yourself – use my help. Call or write, together we can do more!

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