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Google Trends – what is it?

In today’s world, dominated by the Internet, access to timely and pertinent information is extremely important. However, trends change very quickly, and what was clicking just a week ago may now be of little interest to anyone. Have you ever wondered what are the most popular topics searched by users on Google? What keywords are most searched for at any given time? The answers to these questions and much more can be found in a tool called
Google Trends

Google Trends: what is it?

Google Trends is a free tool that provides information on Google searches. It shows how popular certain keywords are currently.

This allows you to see what search trends are in different categories and geographic regions. You can also compare the popularity of different keywords and analyze their patterns.

Google Trends: how does it work?

Google Trends uses Google’s huge database to track search trends. It uses algorithms that analyze the number of searches for specific keywords over a certain period of time. The results are presented in the form of graphs, where you can see how the popularity of a particular keyword has changed over the past years or months.

google trends keyword popularity

Why use Google Trends?

Google Trends is an extremely useful tool for several reasons. First, it allows you to understand what topics are currently popular among Internet users. This allows you to create content and marketing campaigns that are timely and interesting to your audience. If you know how to use Google Trends, it will be much easier for you in real time marketing.

google trends current trends

Second, Google Trends allows you to compare the popularity of different keywords. This allows you to find the most effective phrases to optimize your site or advertising campaign. You can also track trends over time and adapt your marketing strategy to changing user preferences.

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How to use Google Trends?

To start using Google Trends, just go to the website
Google Trends
and type the keyword or phrase of your choice into the search box. You can then adjust settings such as country, time range and category for more precise results.

Keyword popularity search

One of the main uses of Google Trends is to check the popularity of keywords. This tool shows how often a keyword was searched for at a certain time and place. You can also compare the popularity of different keywords and see which ones are most searched for.

Comparing trends

Another feature of Google Trends is to compare search trends. You can enter several different keywords and see how their popularity changes over time. This allows you to find keywords that have stable popularity or a growing trend.

Exploring seasonality

Google Trends also enables the discovery of seasonal patterns in searches. You can see which keywords are more popular at certain times, such as during the holiday season or during major sports events. This is valuable information for marketers who want to adjust their campaigns to seasonality, as some trends repeat every year.

Using Google Trends data in marketing

Marketers can also use Google Trends data to better understand the market and audience preferences. For example, if you are planning to launch a new product, you can check what keywords are most popular in that category and use them in your marketing strategy.

How to use Google Trends? See examples

Google Trends has applications in many fields. Here are some examples:

  1. Market research: Before starting a new business, it’s a good idea to research market trends and preferences. Google Trends allows you to analyze the popularity of products and services, which can help you make more informed decisions.
  2. Content Planning: For content creators, Google Trends can be a great tool for finding topics that are timely and interesting to your audience. You can find popular topics or new trends to cover in blog articles or social media posts.
  3. SEO: Optimizing a site for search engines is a key factor for success today. Google Trends can help you find the most popular keywords in your industry, making it easier to optimize your site for those phrases. Take into account that the effects of SEO will appear only after several months, not immediately. However, you can generate a lot of traffic to the site, for example, by describing current developments, as Omnibus Directive did at the beginning of the year.

Is Google Trends free?

Yes, Google Trends is available for free. Anyone can access this tool and view search trends for various keywords. However, some features may only be available to users with a Google account.

Google Trends is an extremely useful tool for those interested in studying Google search trends. It allows you to discover popular keywords, compare trends and analyze changes in popularity over time. This is a tool that should be present in the arsenal of every marketer and website owner.

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