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Google My Company business card positioning

Wondering if it makes sense to promote yourself through a Google My Business card? Do you waste your time setting up and verifying a business card? It would be a grave mistake not to take advantage of the marketing potential this service brings! What potential am I talking about? Read below.

Google My Business card – benefits

Remember that this Google service is completely free, and it does not require a huge amount of time or knowledge to get started. However, a well-configured Google business card gives you the opportunity to appear in the search engine for quite a number of phrases. For local businesses, stationary or services provided in a particular location, a Google My Business card is an absolute must. Learn the phrases for which you can already be visible with the correct establishment and verification of a Google business card:

  • brand name
  • brand name with location
  • product or service with a location.

A business card shows customers a whole range of information that is crucial when deciding on a particular service provider – such as a restaurant when visiting a new city. A well-visible address, opening hours, distance from the premises, or reviews are all valuable information that, when properly optimized, will attract customers.

See the must have for effective Google business card SEO:

How to position a Google business card?

The basis for this is to set up a Google My Business card and comprehensively fill in the data about the company. On the other hand, several ranking factors influence what position your business card will get – you can fine-tune them to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Ranking factors that algorithms take into account:

  • evaluate the relevance, or usefulness, of a business card to a user submitting a given query to a search engine, so make sure your information about your company’s operations is up-to-date and complete;
  • analyze the distance of your location from the user’s location;
  • verify publicity about your business, i.e. analyze the number of reviews and resources about the company available on the Web.

Why refine your Google business card? Because it very significantly increases a company’s visibility in local search results. What’s more, a business card is a way to promote even those companies that don’t have a website.

Here are 10 steps you should implement to make your business card do its job:

1 Ensure that the address data is correct and up-to-date.

2. Keep your opening hours up to date.

3. define the territorial scope of operations.

4. add good photos.

5 Invest in a virtual walk-through or 360-degree view.

6. refine your business card description to be SEO compliant and comprehensive for customers.

7 Write about the supported payment types.

8 Encourage customers to write reviews about your company and respond to them.

9. use the “Questions and Answers” section.

10 Put the map, or settle business card, on your website.

A Google My Business card is worth having to attract customers who are close to you.

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