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Google keyword planner

If you want to attract customers from the search engine, you should get to know and befriend a very important tool! Google’s keyword planner – as it is referred to – is the first address you should go to in order to evaluate the sense of an SEO or Google Ads campaign. It is important to know the query potential for the industry to be promoted before investing in search advertising. Advertising on Google has many advantages, one of which is the measurability of the effects of activities and access to reliable statistics, which the Mountain View giant eagerly makes available to potential and already active advertisers. Read why you should use it and what alternative tools are available to you.

How does the keyword planner work?

Google’s keyword suggestion tool was created to help you effectively implement search advertising campaigns. It is a tool dedicated to those who want to attract customers from Google and at the same time rationally manage their activities and budget.

Google’s keyword planner provides data on. The projected average number of monthly searches for a given keyword phrase. It also gives an estimate of the cost of clicks on display ads for a given keyword. In the “Find Keywords” report, you just need to enter your chosen phrase, topic or industry, or you can use your domain address – for such queries, the keyword suggestion tool provides a list of phrases related to your query. Next to each key phrase there is data about:

  • average monthly number of searches
  • competitiveness of the key phrase
  • share of ad impressions
  • the minimum and maximum rate per click for an ad displayed at the top of the search engine results

If you need technical support in your operations with the Keyword Planner you can find it at
Google support

Keyword planner – important facts

  • is free and available to anyone interested in the issue of key expressions;
  • In order to use free access to the Planner, you need a Google Ads account, you do not need to indicate an advertising target, just go to “Do you have experience with Google Ads?” and click “Create an account without a campaign”;
  • The data contained in the Planner’s forecasts are updated every day;
  • Data from the last 7 to 10 days are used for the update;
  • The data also takes into account current market conditions and seasonality in each industry.

Why use Google’s Keyword Planner?

With Googling tool you will gain the opportunity to discover new keywords. You will check the monthly number of searches for specific queries for a given keyword. You can determine the budget you need for your campaign, as the tool provides the average cost of a display ad for a given keyword. The planner also makes it easy to create new ad campaigns and organize keywords. The benefits alone!

Commercial keyword search tools

On the web you will find quite a few tools that also give you the opportunity to check the potential of key phrases. The best ones come with a fee, although, like SemStorm or Senuto, you can take advantage of a free trial period.


Here you will find not only a database of keywords, but also other tools useful in creating and implementing a marketing strategy.


It is a powerful tool that provides not only the ability to search for keywords, but also a whole range of other valuable options. You’re sure to find something here that will help your online marketing efforts.


As you can see, the search engine and Internet marketing industry is very well positioned to collect and analyze data that is useful for growing your online business. Finding
the right keywords
you will get a justification for the sense of investment in advertising on Google, you will spend money on such phrases that actually give you a chance for a solid return on investment. In addition, knowing detailed data about the searchability of phrases from your industry – you will gain motivation to act – after all, it’s worth it to exploit the potential of the search engine! Remember, any keyword suggestion tool is your ally in business.

Still, are you lacking confidence that your key phrases are well chosen? Get some peace of mind and let me verify them for you. I invite you to contact and consult. I have specialized in scaling e-commerce-based businesses for years. Call or write!

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