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Google algorithm update 2023: August

It’s not new in the world of Internet marketing that Google periodically makes changes to its mysterious algorithm that shapes search results. Since the first days of August this year, rumors, or rather information from behind the scenes, have been spreading, suggesting that something was being prepared. And now it’s official – Google’s new algorithm update is already rolling out!

What do we know about the latest Google 2023 algorithm update?

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, Google officially announced on Twitter that it is working on a new update to the search engine’s algorithm. Its goal is to improve the quality of search results – it’s about the Mountain View giant’s ongoing effort to get users to content that is truly valuable and useful.

source: Twitter

What do we know about the latest Google 2023 algorithm update? Unfortunately, not much. So far, the only thing that is certain is that we will have to wait for details and results – it may take up to two weeks before the new algorithm is fully implemented. The updates so far this year have done just that. It is certain that Google will announce the completion of the algorithm implementation in the Google Search Status Panel.

source: search engine status panel

All signs point to another deep Core algorithm update, part of Google’s long-standing strategy of providing users with even better and more valuable results. Content that meets the EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) and Helpful Content criteria will now be valued. This means that content that doesn’t carry value or is only created to fill a page may be treated by Google as low quality, i.e. unattractive to search engine users.

What to expect from the latest algorithm update?

Actually everything! Because anything that can negatively affect the quality of your website’s user experience can now reflect on its position in search results. Your organic traffic can go up, stay up, or unfortunately go down. Therefore, in the coming weeks, it is advisable to track the position of your site. If you notice changes, it’s probably the result of the latest update. No matter what happens, don’t panic – Google itself suggests that in case of declines in positions and traffic, it’s not worth throwing yourself immediately into carrying out a revolution on the site. Focusing on improving the quality of content over the next few months may be the key to regaining lost positions.


Changes in Google’s algorithms are an inevitable part of the online world. We are left to adapt and invest in valuable content and compelling experiences for users. After all, they are the most effective weapons in the battle for high positions in the SERPs.

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