By Zieliński Jerzy

Google Alert: is it worth turning it on?

In an era of constant access to information and ever-changing trends, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on something. One way to stay up-to-date is through Google Alerts. Is it worth including? Or is it just unnecessary SPAM in your email inbox? Read on to learn more.

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What is Google Alerts all about?

The first and most important advantage of using
Google Alerts
is their versatility. They allow you to track any keywords or phrases related to your industry, services, products, competitors or even your own name. This not only helps you stay on top of important information, but also allows you to observe what is being said about you online.

google alert

Benefits of using Google Alerts:

  • Competitor monitoring: using Google Alerts, you can track what’s happening among your rivals. You will learn about product news, marketing campaigns or strategy changes, which will give you a better understanding of what you are competing against.
  • Track industry trends: the e-commerce world is changing at a rapid pace. Google Alerts allow you to keep up to date with industry trends and news, allowing you to tailor your offerings to meet growing customer expectations.
  • Instant response: with access to real-time information, you can react quickly to important events, industry changes or news related to your business.
  • Image monitoring: knowing what is being said about you or your company on the Internet is critical. With Google Alerts, you can track customer reviews and respond instantly to any positive or negative comments.
  • Excellent knowledge base: the information you get from Google Alerts provides an excellent knowledge base. You can use this data to create content, marketing strategies or even plan new products or services.

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How to enable Google Alert?

  • Define Keywords: consider which
    are most important to you. This could be your company name, product name, main industry phrases, etc.
  • Enter Google Alerts: open your browser and go to the site
    . Enter the keywords of your choice.
  • Customize settings: you can adjust settings such as how often you receive alerts (for example, daily or weekly) and the type of sources (all, news, blogs, forums, etc.).
  • Receive notifications: when new content containing your keywords appears on the web, you will receive a notification to your email inbox.
google alert notification

Google Alerts provide up-to-the-minute information from around the Internet without having to spend long hours searching the web. Don’t have time to track competitors and optimize marketing strategies on your own? Contact me!

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