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Google Ads Explanation Extension

The more space your Google Ads ad takes up on the screen, the better. So it is worth using additional information, called extensions in Ads. One tool that can make a significant difference in potential customers’ understanding of an offer is to expand the explanation in Google Ads. Let’s find out how these extensions work, why they are important for successful advertising campaigns, and how to implement them effectively.

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Google Ads explanation extensions – what are they?

Explanatory extensions are additional information that can be added to Google Ads. Their main purpose is to provide potential customers with additional key information that supplements the main advertising message. This could be details about the offer, unique product features, customer benefits or special promotions.

extension of explanations

Why use explanatory extensions?

Expanding the explanation is worth using for several reasons, among which are better understanding of the offer by the customer, raising the page rank and increasing the CTR. Customers who better understand the offer are more likely to click on the ad. Google Ads explanation extensions increase the attractiveness of ads and the interest of potential customers. They allow for a more detailed presentation of the offer, giving customers a more complete picture, which increases the chances of conversion. It is sometimes difficult to include all the key information in short ads. Explanatory extensions allow you to provide additional information without increasing the length of the ad. Google takes explanatory extensions into account when evaluating the quality of ads.

How to implement effective explanatory extensions?

At the very beginning, identify key information that can influence a potential customer’s decision. These could be unique product features, customer benefits, or promotional details. Next, it is important to tailor explanatory extensions to specific campaigns. It is necessary that they complement the main message of the advertisement. Explanation expansions are effective when they are short and concise. Avoid excessive compaction of information. It is also worth conducting A/B teststo identify the most effective variants of clarification extensions, and monitor their impact on metrics such as CTR or
conversion rate

How to create Google Ads explanation extensions?

  1. Sign in: open a browser and go to the Google Ads page. Log in to your account.
  2. Menu: in the menu on the left, select Ads and Components, then Components.
  3. Add an explanation: click on the plus button and select Explanation.
  4. Explanation level: in the Add To menu, select the level at which you want to add an explanation – Account, Campaign or Ad Group. This determines whether a particular explanation will be displayed in all your ads or only in selected ones.
  5. Create a new explanation: check Create a new explanation. Enter the content of the explanation in the Explanation Text field.
  6. Existing explanation: if you want to use an existing explanation, click the “Use existing” option and select the appropriate one from the list.
  7. Save: after entering the content of the explanation, click Save to save your changes.

Remember to keep the explanatory content clear, concise and tailored to specific campaigns or advertising groups. If anything, the created explanations can be edited later.


Google Ads explanation extensions are a powerful tool that can significantly affect the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It provides additional information and increases the appeal of advertising. Implementing effective extensions requires diligence, data analysis and adjusting strategies based on test results. By introducing explanatory extensions to your campaigns, you can build a clearer, more understandable advertising message, which translates into greater effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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