By Zieliński Jerzy

Google Ads account suspension – for what and what to do?

Google is very conscious about the safety of search engine users and is very determined to track down practices that deviate from its goals. This applies not only to SEO, but also to Google Ads campaigns. Google Ads account suspension is one of the most severe penalties you can face – it comes suddenly, without warning, and automatically cuts off access to new customers searching for products and services on the most popular search engine. If you are an advertiser who has encountered such a problem or you are very worried that your Google Ads account will be suspended – be sure to read my text. You will gain knowledge of what to do to make it right.

What does it mean to suspend a Google Ads account?

Unfortunately, the suspension of a Google Ads account is a serious matter, as it involves cutting off the ability to display ads and create new advertising content on Google. Accounts linked to the suspended one, i.e. those that use the same e-mail address, payment forms or manager’s account, may also be penalized. If you try to set up new accounts, they too may be subject to penalties.

What is Google Ads account suspension for?

Google says it is suspending accounts that pose a threat to search engine users because they do not comply with legal requirements and
security rules
set by the Mountain View giant.

Here are the most common reasons for suspending a Google Ads account:

  1. Going against Google’s rules – the rules are defined very clearly, grouped for different Google services (Google Ads, Google AdGrants, etc.).
  2. Age-related deviations – Google expects age requirements to be met for people using Google accounts.
  3. Payment and settlement problems. Prominent among these problems include. Misuse of promotional codes, unpaid balance, request for refunds to Google Ads, suspicious payment activities.

Inappropriate ad content is also another type of threat. Although for errors in this area, Google most often reports a reminder. If an account suspension due to content appears, it means that the deviations must have been very significant.

Suspension of the account may also occur for the protection of your interests – when there is unauthorized activity on the account, for example, if someone tried to hack into it.

One thing is certain – advertisers whose accounts have been suspended will receive a notification email, and will also find this information in their Google Ads account.

What to do if your account is suspended?

First of all, don’t panic. Consider it a solid incentive to work on your campaign. However, keep in mind that the very first suspension of your Google Ads account must motivate you, because the second time, your account will be terminated. Therefore, what to do?

  1. Review the information and email you received from Google. This will help you learn and analyze the reason for the suspension of your account. Often in the suspension notice there is a reference to a policy related to Google’s rules – this is also worth reading.
  1. Adhere to content analysis, as it is often the content that is the problem. It is not only what you yourself put in the content of your ads that is important. The content on the website and even the content of reviews left by customers is important – you are responsible for all the content on the website.
  1. You can solve the problem of account suspension by using Google and its instructions
  1. Importantly – carefully prepare an appeal detailing the steps taken to fix the problem identified by Google.

The account suspension period usually lasts 30 days. If you fill in all the objections that Google pointed out, you will regain the ability to display ads. However, if you do not fix the problem or Google detects further prohibited practices on your account – it will be blocked forever.


Google has its own rules, and anyone who wants to benefit from the search engine’s popularity and advertising effectiveness must play by those very rules. Fortunately, these rules are quite clearly spelled out, so it is definitely worth getting familiar with them, making friends and applying them.

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