By Zieliński Jerzy

Does Google Ads affect SEO?

On the blog you will already find the solution to the dilemma of what to choose
SEO or Google Ads
. It’s time to address the question about the impact of Ads on SEO. Does Google Ads affect SEO? On the web, we encounter different opinions on the subject, it’s time to resolve from practice in SEO.

The impact of Google Ads on SEO

Google Ads, the search engine’s advertising system that allows you to instantly show your ad to customers translates into increased website traffic. It also influences an increase in traffic from organic results – that is, those that a website achieves through SEO. However, the mere fact of running a campaign in Google Ads does not determine the achievement of higher positions in organic results.

You can expect that after launching a Google Ads campaign, your website or online store will get more new visitors from organic results as well. However, this does not mean that Google Ads affects SEO! Never believe such assurances.

Both Google Ads campaigns and SEO are very effective forms of promotion. To amplify their effect on business it is worth combining them – this maximizes the chance of reaching as many potential customers as possible. Already investing in Google Ads alone, you gain interest in your website and offerings, but you won’t get higher positions in organic results with it. For this, you need to work on optimizing the site and acquiring a valuable link base. It is definitely worth investing in both forms of advertising.

Benefits of Google Ads

It’s worth getting into Google Ads because it has an immediate impact on business. What do you gain?

  • instant search engine visibility, in the most prominent positions,
  • great potential in targeting ads to a precise audience,
  • Flexible budget management, the ability to pause and launch campaigns at any time,
  • payment for the entrance of a potential customer to the website,
  • The availability of traction advertising means – banner campaigns in Google’s partner network, remarketing, advertising in Google Shopping.

The downsides of Google AdWords are two. First of all, this advertising requires a considerable amount of money, in the most competitive industries a click can cost up to several tens of zlotys. Second – quite a few search engine users skip paid ads, trusting organic results more.

Benefits of positioning

Effective positioning offers many benefits:

  • presence in high positions in natural search engine results, which generate a lot of traffic to the site and, for the audience, signal the importance of the company in the industry,
  • High public confidence in natural results,
  • Independence from paid advertising results and Google’s restrictive ad requirements,
  • Having a valuable site that is useful to customers.

In the case of positioning, I also see two main downsides. First, it usually takes several to several months to achieve visibility on Google. It all depends on the competitiveness of the industry and the state of the website. Second, in order to position effectively, you need knowledge and practice.

Summary – do Google ads affect SEO?

It is certain that both SEO and Google Ads campaigns will positively affect the visibility of the site in the search engine, and most importantly, reach new customers with your offer. It is most effective to use both channels. With the right strategy, this guarantees success!

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