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Deep linking – what is it and how does it work?

Unlike traditional links that take the user to the site’s home page, deep linking allows the user to be directed directly to the section of interest. This allows users to find the information or functionality they need faster, increasing user satisfaction. Of particular importance to website users

What is deep linking?

A deep link is a web link that leads directly to a specific page or section on a website, bypassing the homepage or other entry point to the site.

Traditional web links usually lead to a site’s home page or to a specific subpage that is easily identified by the URL. Deep links, on the other hand, allow direct redirection to more detailed content, which is usually more difficult to locate.

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Deep links are particularly useful for websites with a lot of content or for mobile apps where there is a need to redirect the user to a specific section or functionality in the app.

For example, a deep link for a travel website could lead directly to a specific vacation offer, bypassing the home page or other subpages. In the case of mobile apps, a deep link can lead directly to a specific view or function of the app, such as to a shopping cart in an online store or to a specific conversation in a communication app.

Example of deep linking

Suppose we are using a mobile app to order food, and we would like to redirect the user directly to the restaurant selection page. To do this, we can use deep linking and enter special parameters in the link, such as. “myapp://restaurants”. After clicking on such a link, the user will be automatically redirected to the restaurant selection page in our app.

Benefits of deep linking

Deep linking is an increasingly popular solution that offers a number of benefits for both users and application and website owners. Here are some of the most important ones:

Makes it easier for users to navigate

Deep linking allows users to get to specific content or functionality within a site more easily and quickly. Instead of having to search the menu, the user can click on a link that will directly take him to the desired section. This makes using the site more intuitive and convenient.

Increases user engagement

Deep linking can also help increase user engagement. For example, sending a user a link to a specific product in an app
can encourage him or her to make a purchase, resulting in more activity in the app and increased profits for the owner.

Improves user experience

With deep linking, users can quickly and easily switch between different sites and apps, improving their overall mobile experience. For example, a user can go directly from a link in an email to a specific article in the reader app, without having to search within the app.

Facilitates marketing and advertising campaigns

Deep linking can also be an effective marketing tool. With it, you can create dedicated advertising campaigns and send personalized links to users, directing them directly to a specific offer. In this way, you can increase the conversion and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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Improves SEO for mobile apps

Deep linking can also help improve an app’s position in app store search results. By allowing the user to directly access a specific section of the application, it can be better indexed by search engine algorithms. In this way, the app can gain a higher ranking in search results, resulting in greater visibility and number of downloads.


Deep linking is a term that refers to direct reference to specific subpages. With deep linking, users can find the information or functionality they need more quickly, increasing the convenience and satisfaction of the application. In addition, deep linking can influence positive positioning in mobile app stores by increasing user activity.

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