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Contract for website positioning – what it should contain

Positioning is currently a marketing must have – and I know there is no need to explain it. However, there is an element of SEO that is still difficult for many entrepreneurs to figure out. The contract for SEO – that’s what it’s all about – is insanely important. To ensure clarity and transparency in the cooperation between the Employer and the Contractor, it is necessary to draw up a detailed agreement governing the terms and conditions of positioning services. In this article, I discuss the key provisions that should be included in an SEO contract.

Positioning contract, what it should contain

When you prepare an SEO contract for your website, it’s important to understand the specifics of SEO. There are a few key and fixed elements that you can expect to see in the contract.

Scope of the positioning service

In the contract, be sure to specify how many key phrases you want to optimize your site for. This is important, especially if you care about positioning for specific key phrases.

Access to the site and ability to make changes

Make sure you have the right to use the domain and access to the site, which the positioner needs to optimize the site. Whether your site can be positioned depends on it. Make sure you provide the Contractor with the necessary accesses, such as. FTP, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

What about the guarantee of results?

It is difficult to talk about guarantees when all activities are related to an external, independent and unpredictable environment such as Google’s search engine. Search engine algorithms change, so you can’t be sure of consistent results. Therefore, any contractual provisions related to warranties are a thing… heavily contractual.

Changes in search engine algorithms

Remember that Google and other search engines regularly change their rules, which can affect your site’s position.

Time and results

Specify that the effects of SEO can take time, often several months, and depend on many factors.

Paid domain and hosting

You must maintain a paid domain and hosting throughout the contract period. Before you change your domain, you must notify the Contractor well in advance.

Prohibition of action without consultation

You are not allowed to use other SEO services on your own or make major changes to the website without prior consultation with the Contractor.

SEO contract – what provisions are important for the SEO outsourcer?

Providing clear and transparent terms of cooperation will help avoid misunderstandings and disputes during the course of the contract. Of course, for you, as the ordering party
(i.e., the person or company who orders SEO services) there are several key provisions that are important in a website SEO contract:

Specific scope of services: The contract should specify the exact scope of SEO services that will be provided. This includes the number of key phrases for which the site will be optimized, the type of technical and content work, as well as possible additional services, such as SEO audits or competitive analysis.

Duration of the agreement: The contract should specify the duration of the cooperation. This way you will know how long the positioning process will take, as well as when you can expect the first results.

Terms of termination: It is useful to include termination terms in the contract. This is important if you decide in the future to end your relationship with a particular SEO contractor. Identify the termination procedures and deadlines.

Fees and payments: Precisely determine the amount you will pay for SEO services and the payment terms. Make sure the contract includes information on any additional costs, such as paid ads (Google Ads) or link purchases. Not all service providers include these costs in the contract.

Prohibition of independent action: The contract may include a provision prohibiting major changes to the website without prior consultation with the SEO contractor. This is to prevent actions that can negatively affect the positioning process.

Monitoring and reporting: Determine what the mechanisms will be for monitoring the progress and results of the positioning, and how often you will receive reports. Access to reports will allow you to track the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Safeguards for the principal: Make sure the contract includes provisions that guarantee your rights, including protection against possible infringement of copyright or other rights on content provided by you.

Confidentiality clause: If you provide your SEO contractor with confidential information, such as your site access data, during the course of your cooperation, add a confidentiality clause to safeguard this information.

Contractual penalties: The contract may include provisions for possible contractual penalties in the event of failure to meet established deadlines or quality of services.

If you have any doubts – it’s always a good idea to consult with a lawyer or a legal professional before signing a contract. Internet marketing to ensure that all key aspects are properly regulated.


The contract for website positioning should be drafted in a way that is clear and understandable to both parties. This provides clarity and avoids potential disputes during the course of the cooperation. Cooperation based on clear contractual terms will benefit both parties in the form of effective website positioning and increased online visibility.

Do you expect a contract that fairly protects your interests will allow you to earn more with effective positioning? Contact me!

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