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SXO marketing

has been on this blog many times before, and probably will be very often again. After all, it is SEO that allows you to draw traffic to your website from users who are expected to become customers of your business. For this to work, it must work
, the techniques involved in building websites that create positive user experiences. Today’s article is about what pays off most in search-based marketing, namely SXO – the combination of SEO and UX.

What is SXO?

SXO, or Search Experience Optimization, is a field that deals with optimizing the user experience when searching for information on the Internet. SXO marketing, on the other hand, is a type of online marketing that focuses on improving the experience of a user who arrives at a website via Google search results.

Traditionally, most online marketing efforts have focused on SEO, or search engine optimization, which focuses on improving a website’s position in search engine results. SXO marketing focuses on what happens after a user clicks on a link and goes to a website. Optimizing the user experience during search can significantly improve conversion rates and increase user engagement on the site.

SXO elements to keep in mind

Various techniques can be used to address the issue at hand, such as content optimization, site navigation, page loading speed, accessibility for users with different devices, and improving user interaction with content.

Content optimization

It involves creating unique, valuable content that answers users’ questions and needs.

Site navigation

It should be intuitive and easy to understand so users can easily find what they need.

Page loading speed

It is very important because users often give up visiting sites that take too long to load. You can check the loading speed of your website

Accessibility for mobile devices

Users use a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Therefore, the site should be adapted to different screen sizes and devices.

Improve user interaction with content

This is an important aspect of SXO, and can be achieved by adding appropriate CTAs (call to action), using data visualizations and graphics, and providing video or other compelling multimedia.


By improving SXO, you can increase the number of visitors to your site, improve its position in search results and increase the conversion of users into real customers. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Take action! I can support you in this – feel free to contact me.

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