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Google Analytics 4

As early as July 1, 2023, Google Analytics 4 will become the only tool provided by Google for counting statistics related to website traffic. GA4 can be used now. This is good news, as it is certainly worth using the time until next year to get to know the tool well. And, of course, make the most of them to achieve their marketing goals.

Currently, the widely available and most widely used tool is still Google Universal. However, it is undeniably worthwhile to be interested in GA4 right now, and preferably – to simultaneously operate on this outgoing, as well as the hyped new analytical tool.

Google Analytics 4 – or what exactly?

This is a brand new release of the Google Analytics tool, familiar to all web analytics practitioners. GA4 is an innovative way to collect and analyze data from various websites and mobile applications in a single panel. The Mountain View giant is giving us a solution to keep up with changes in Internet user behavior. An efficient marketer needs to collect and analyze data from different channels and planes. GA4’s capabilities will benefit anyone willing to delve into the tool. The e-commerce industry is sure to benefit from advanced analytics, precision tracking capabilities and detailed reports. What specifically? And what has google analytics looked like so far?

GA4 a Universal Analytics and Google Analytics for Firebase

It is impossible to forget that Google already provides tools for data collection and analysis, and the analytical capabilities available in their scope have served millions of businesses. However, GA4 is announced as a new tracking system with advanced capabilities that have never been available before. How does it compare in practice? And how does GA4 compare to existing tools?

GA4 a Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics reigned supreme in analyzing user behavior data on websites until October 2022. It is currently being replaced by GA4, which features a slightly different approach to data collection and analysis.

The primary change in the performance of the analytics tool from Google is the data measurement model. You may be used to Universal Analytics using sessions to collect data. In contrast, GA4’s operation is based on events, or happenings. An event is any interaction a user makes on a website or mobile app (this includes clicking a link, loading a page or finalizing a purchase). This model allows faster and more accurate measurement and reporting of data. It’s events that give you the ability to track both website and mobile app traffic in one panel.

By analyzing data from GA4, you will match the purchase path with customer behavior. You will achieve this because you will reach the relationship between website visitors and mobile app users. And finally, through all of this, you will generate more profits from your website.

Google Analytics 4 is a change in the effectiveness of data analysis. It is primarily due to the removal of limits on the number of data collected. So now you will be able to analyze the real total of website traffic and mobile app activity. This is a definite quantitative change, but also a qualitative change in access to data.

With GA4, you will gain free access to Big Query. Until now, in Universal Analytics, this level of access was only possible if you had the premium package. From now on you will be able to use a secure and unlimited cloud – a data exchange. What’s more, Google’s database makes it possible to analyze the dataset without sampling, which, unfortunately, was sometimes inaccurate. With GA4, you analyze advanced data, at no cost and with less risk of error.

GA4 a Google Analytics for Firebase

First, a few words about Firebase – this application development platform provides users with a number of valuable features. From application builder, to analytics, to application development support, to profit optimization. All this makes Firebase an extremely valuable tool for modern businesses, not just online ones.

The Google Analytics for Firebase service has enabled, and still enables, analysis of mobile app user activities. Google Analytics 4 is heavily based precisely on Google Analytics for Firebase – what they have in common is at least the structure of the data display. Thanks to this similarity, many users of the tool will go smoothly through the implementation stage of the new tool, others will need a little more time to get used to it. However, it is definitely worth it! You will find the benefits later in the text.

It can be said that Google Analytics 4 is a combination of the functionality of Universal Analytics and Google Analytics for Firebase.

Google Analytics 4 – is it worth it?

Anyone who appreciates the value of their customer information will quickly appreciate the useful features and, above all, the precise data from GA4. You gain:

  • In-depth data on the path of users of websites and apps, including access to information on areas previously inaccessible (such as analyzing the behavior of users who started interacting in an app and ended up shopping on a website, and vice versa);
  • expanded mobile app analytics, which opens up new opportunities related to enhancing and pro-sales use of apps;
  • even more data on what websites are functional and user-friendly for Internet users, with this data you will create a site or store that provides users with the best shopping experience;
  • reports, the quality of which will take analytics to a new level – data on customer behavior from all marketing channels provides a basis for shaping the total marketing strategy.


Google has officially announced that GA4 will become the only tool available for collecting and analyzing user data, so using it is a must. While it’s already possible to focus solely on this latest tool, it’s certainly worth taking advantage of the availability of both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 for some time to come. The unique ability to accurately collect and compare data from different areas will lay the groundwork for even better use of GA4 once it is the only tool available. Such a two-pronged approach will translate into an in-depth understanding of the new tool and contribute to a smooth transition to using it only.

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